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C7 & C9 Christmas Bulbs

C7 and C9 Christmas lights

Larger than the mini lights, C7 and C9 Christmas lights are still very popular and commonly found adorning homes during the holidays. These bulbs offer a traditional, “Old School” look for your lighting project.  With a variety of styles available All American Christmas Co. is bound to have the right bulb for your application. We carry Steady Burn, Twinkle, and Opaque bulb styles. Steady burn bulbs are transparent in colors and are always on. Twinkle bulbs are transparent and flash randomly. Opaque bulbs are a steady burn bulb type but with painted finish for a soft retro glow.

Below you'll find our C7 Christmas Lights and C9 Christmas Lights in both Boxes of 25 or Case lots. All strings and wire are sold separately, be sure to check our Christmas Light Strings  & Spools page for all your Christmas light wire needs.

Recommended For

  • Outlining Home & Businesses

  • Lighting Larger Trees

  • Lighting Displays

  • Create Custom Light Strings

  • Shop for Christmas Bulbs

C7 Christmas Lights

C9 Christmas Lights

Light Strings, Spools, & Accessories

Christmas Light Strings

25', 50', 100' Light Strings for C7 and C9 Bulbs.

Christmas Light Spools

500' & 1000'  Light spools.  A variety of bulb spacing available.

Commercial Light Strings

Heavy Duty light strings. Great for weddings, events, & more.

Christmas plugs, sockets

Replacement bulb sockets, plugs, and spools of 18 gauge wire.

C7 & C9 Size Comparison

C7 C9 Bulb Size Comparison

How to Calculate Amps

The majority of Christmas light wire handles 7 amps, so always be aware of the wires Amps rating. This means you can put a maximum of 7 amps (or 770 watts) on that run of wire before starting a new line from a different power source. You need to know all the numbers of the lights and wire before hanging your lights, C7 bulbs are usually 5 watts and C9 are typically 7 watts. Here's some simple math that will help the power calculations go  quick

(Bulb Wattage) x (Number of Bulbs) = Total Wattage, (Total Wattage) ÷ 110 (Volts) = Amps

5 Bulb Wattage x 100 Bulbs = 500 Watts, 500 Watts ÷ 110 Volts = 4.55 Amps