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C7 Christmas Lights

C7 Bulbs are the smaller of the two most common Christmas Light Bulbs. They feature a candelabra base, and look great indoors and out. All American Christmas Co. offers a variety of C7 Christmas lights, including Steady Burn, Twinkle, and Opaque bulbs. Like the name suggests, Steady Burn bulbs run constantly, while Twinkle bulbs randomly twinkle (or flash). Opaque bulbs are the classic painted Christmas lights that offer a soft festive glow.

C7 Steady Burn Christmas Bulbs
C7 Steady Burn Bulbs

Clear & Transparent colors that are steady on.

C7 Opaque Painted Christmas Bulbs
C7 Opaque Bulbs

Classic painted bulbs with a soft vintage glow

C7 Twinkle Christmas Bulbs
C7 Twinkle Bulbs

Random twinkle C7 bulbs in transparent colors.

C7 Specialty Christmas Bulbs
C7 Specialty Bulbs
7 Watt Bulbs
Triple Dip Bulbs

More about C7 Christmas Lights

C7 Christmas BulbsC7 Christmas lights are the classic Christmas bulb that have lit so many homes and trees all over the country. These candelabra base bulbs are typically 5 watts per bulb and come in a variety of styles and colors. The three main styles are steady burn bulbs that have transparent colors, twinkle bulbs that flash randomly, and opaque or painted bulbs that have a old school soft glow.

C7 bulbs are perfect for lighting Christmas trees or outlining homes. Use the links above to browse the different styles and colors that are currently available.