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Christmas Light Displays

You've seen all of All American Christmas Company's traditional Christmas light strands, versatile globe lights and large selection of LED Christmas lights. Now it's time to check out our extensive line of Christmas light displays. These festive displays feature all the traditional holiday imagery, such as Santa and his Reindeer, Snowflakes, and Wreaths and Holly. We are also proud to offer a wide selection of nativity scenes and other religious displays. However, we also offer other Christmas-related light displays, and even displays for other holidays such as the 4th of July, or major events like Mardi Gras. Check out our full line of Other Holiday Displays page for more information. All American Christmas Co. covers more than just the holiday season, and we're sure to have something to fit your tastes and styles.

Many of our Holiday Displays include LED Christmas lights, which last longer than traditional Incandescent light displays. Select Christmas displays are also animated and come with controllers, so you can easily put a little motion into your own Christmas scene! Also, if you're looking for larger Commercial Christmas Displays visit www.allamericanchristmas.com.

For most displays ground shipping is included into the price but keep in mind that Christmas light displays do NOT ship from All American Christmas Company's Tennessee warehouse.

Christmas figures
Premier Light Displays

Commercial Grade displays ready to ship

Nativity Light Displays
Religious and Nativity

Religious and Nativity light displays

Santa Light Displays
Santa and Reindeer

Santa and Reindeer displays

Elf light displays
Elves and Toys

Elf and toy displays

Snowflake Light Displays

Snowflake light displays

Snowman Light Displays

Snowman light displays

Christmas Tree Light Displays

Christmas Tree light displays

Animal Light Displays
Deer and Other Animals

Deer and other animals light displays

People and Town Light Displays
People and Town

People and town light displays

Angel Light Displays
Angels and Dove

Angel and Dove light displays

Train and Vehicle Light Displays
Train and Vehicle

Train and Vehicle light displays

Soldiers and Gingerbread Light Displays
Soldiers and Gingerbread

Soldiers and Gingerbread light displays

Sign and Arch Light Displays
Sign and Arches

Sign and Arch light displays

Star Light Displays

Star light displays

Wreath Light Displays
Wreath and Holly

Wreath and Holly light displays

Bell Light Displays

Bell light displays

Poinsettia Light Displays

Poinsettia light displays

Candy and Candle Light Displays
Candy and Candles

Candy and Candle light displays

Ornament Light Displays

Ornament light displays

Christmas figures

Acrylic LED Christmas figures

Patriotic Light Displays

Patriotic light displays

Other Holidays Light Displays
Other Holidays

Other Holidays light displays

Light Displays Hardware
Display Hardware

Hardware for mounting light displays

Christmas inflatables
Christmas Inflatables

Easily decorate your yard with these festive inflatables.