Christmas Light Stringers

All American Christmas Co. carries a wide variety of Christmas light strings. These pre-made stringers do not include bulbs but are ready for you to add them and put them to use in your decorating projects. C7, C9, and Medium base socketed wire is available in a variety of styles. 

Both our C7 and C9 Christmas light strings are available in 25', 50', and 100' increments. Both are offered in green and white wire color options and some are in stock in black wire. If you need to light a tree, your home, business or even a wedding these pre-made strings are a great option. Our commercial light strings are perfect for patio lights, traditional Christmas bulbs and more.  If you need more than 100' in a single run please check out our Christmas Light Spool page. 

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How to calculate amps

The majority of Christmas light wire handles 7 amps, so always be aware of the wires Amps rating. This means you can put a maximum of 7 amps (or 770 watts) on that run of wire before starting a new line from a different power source. You need to know all the numbers of the lights and wire before hanging your lights, C7 bulbs are usually 5 watts and C9 are typically 7 watts. Here's some simple math that will help the power calculations go quick

(Bulb Wattage) x (Number of Bulbs) = Total Wattage, (Total Wattage) ÷ 110 (Volts) = Amps

5 Bulb Wattage x 100 Bulbs = 500 Watts, 500 Watts ÷ 110 Volts = 4.55 Amps