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The Quick Connect Male and Female plugs are one of the best accessories that you can have when it come to installation. These electrical plugs are rated for indoor and  outdoor applications. These electrical plugs are designed to be installed on the 18 gauge SPT1 two strand lamp cord. [ SPT2 available on special orders.]

The way the electrical plug is designed is that the wire just has to be cut. Then is separated at the end and pushed into the body of the plug. There is a plastic divider inside the plug body to prevent the electrical current shorting out. The wire is layed down and the back is slid onto the plug body forcing the wire onto the electrical contacts completing installation.  Both the Quick Connect Male and the Quick Connect Female plugs have the same design.

Special Application for the Plugs

The Quick Connect Female electrical plugs can be modified for special construction of a wiring harness [ power strip ]. The plug body has a notch in one end from the factory, but if you modify the body by making a notch on the other end this creates a electrical plug that can be laid on the 18 gauge wire all along the length of the wire. This allows a custom made power strip that has many usages.

  • Be careful to make sure the ends of the wire are divided by the plastic tab inside the body of the plug.

  • If you modify the female electrical plug do this by cutting the side slots on the notch with a knife of other single blade type of cutter. And trim  the bottom of the tab. This can also be just torn off with a pair of needle nose pliers after the side is cut.

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