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Differences Between C7 Bulbs and C9 Bulbs

C7 bulbs VS C9 Bulbs

C7 Bulbs are 5 Watt and C9 Bulbs are 7 Watt, though other types are available

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C-7 or C-9 Installation Tips

These two choices of lamps have been used for many years when it comes to outlining buildings or building decorations. The spacing of the sockets really depends on the look you want to achieve.

For outlining a one story building it is hard to beat the 6" C-7 lighting. With lamps at this spacing the outline is bright and very eye appealing. This spacing works very well around the windows and doors as well.

For buildings 2 stories or more the 12 inch spacing works great. In this type of lighting we prefer the C-9. The lamps are brighter and the further away they are the closer together they look.

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We use two different mounting devices in addition to the clip that is on the side of the socket. The first device is called a C-Clip. This can be used on both the C-7 and the C-9. It is attached to the surface with an adhesive pad and clear caulking. We also use an h-pad and wire tie. This has an adhesive surface and we use clear caulking to keep it stuck. Both of these can be screwed down but we prefer not to pierce the building in any way. The clip on the side of the socket itself can be used on gutter and under flashing in some cases. I small amount of caulk will assure that the socket stays in place. If you have a wooden surface you can use a staple gun and just staple the light line in place. The best method is to place a staple 1" to each side of the socket. In all applications keep the wire as straight as possible. This will make the finished project look as good as possible.

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One of the main questions is concerning power requirements. This requires just a little planning. Our C-7 lamps are 5 watt so you can power 400 of these on a single 20-amp circuit. However you can not power all of these on a single run. Using 18-gauge light line you can run up to 175 lamps on any one plug. So while planning your power requirements design in the locations of your power receptacles. Using our C-9's, which are 7 watt, you can power 300 of these lamps on a single 20-amp circuit. And run up to 125 feet on any single run.

On commercial installation we suggest that you always add more circuits than you need. This will allow for the addition of other decorations or building signage. Plan the placement of the receptacles to allow you the maximum distance of your runs or at locations that will allow for the most future usage of the power.

Homeowners have sources that are available if needed. The flood lights on a home can be removed and by using a screw in male adapter can turn this circuit into the power source for your home lighting project. You can also pull extra extension cords from other circuits around a home.

Supplies that come in handy when installing:

If you have any more questions please email us.


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