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Rice Light

Extendable Rice Light Sets

Rice Light sets in the extendable style are perfect for all lighting projects. From the very small to the very large commercial jobs. These rice light sets are designed to allow them to draw very little power while at the same time allowing them burn very brightly. This low power usage also allows the sets to be extended by several sets. Different manufacturers suggest certain number of sets as a maximum extension. Most of the sets we offer allow 10 to 20 sets. This allows this style decorative lighting to cover a great amount of running feet. A set that is 20 ft. long can cover 250 feet or more. The rice light bulbs are long burning. They are rated at more than 20,000 hours. This long life bulb make the rice light set one of the best lighting solutions for commercial tree lighting. These sets are constructed with a shunted bulb design so if one burns out the others continue to work.

Click the picture below to see what our Extendable Rice Lights look like.
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Each bulb connection is sealed with silicone gel, and is protected with a silicon tube, strengthened by PVC shrink tube as an outer protection.     Its strong insulation ensures the bulbs are working correctly in any environment therefore allowing the clearest and brightest light to be emitted.

Installation Tips:
Make sure there is a rubber ring screwed tightly inside the connector in order to prevent the connection from becoming wet and shorting the set out. 
Make sure there is adequate ventilation around the rice light set. 
Do not exceed the maximum extendable length. 
Only use the same style sets when extending these 
Do not plug these sets up for any length of time before you unroll them to avoid overheating. 
Do not touch the light bulbs when they are on. 

More Info:
The rice light 60 light set is on 4" spacing and the string length is 20' The Rice - 60 comes in green wire with a wide choice of bulbs.
Extendable and Easy to Install
Static, Flashing, Chasing effect with suitable controllers
3 Color Wires: Black, Green, and White
Life Span of 28,000 Hours
High Voltage (11oV~220V) and low voltage (24V)

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