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Rope Light Description Page

Each roll of Rope Light includes Accessory Pack:

3 power cords, 3 power connectors, 3 end caps, 3 splice connectors, 50 mounting clips

Crushproof to
200 P.S.I.

Flexible to
.25" radius

UV stabilized solid
PVC cross section

70% of the light
output of glass neon

Voltage 110V

Architectural Outlines
Visual Merchandising
Exhibit Projects
Stage Lighting
Theatrical Products
Floor Lighting
Dance Floor Lighting
Carpet Borders
Night Lights
Rail Lighting

Bulb Specifications .455 watts

6.5V, 70MA

Average Bulb Life 20,000 hours
Bulb Spacing  1 Inch
Cut ability 2 Wire - 1/2" : 18"

3 Wire - 1/2" : 36"

Maximum Single Run 150 feet
Energy Usage 5.5 watts per foot
Agency Approval UL Listed indoor and outdoor
Colors Clear, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Orange, Purple, Pink, Pearl White, and Multi Color


Rope Light Does and Don'ts


*The Rope Light must be cut straight at the appropriate scissor icon.  Failure to do so will cause damage to circuit.

*We recommend the plastic hose or conduit cutter, available through most hardware stores.

*Maximum radius: 1 1/2" bend.
*Maximum depth no more then 1/3 light diameter.

Please USE Tie Strap, Mounting Clips, U-Channel, Y Cable, Spider Cable, Filler Cable, or Suction Cups.

Note: The spears must be inserted into the center of the wires. Failure to do so will prevent light from working or cause product to short circuit.


*Use hacksaws, carton cutters or common household scissors to cut Rope Light.

*Try to repair an uneven cut.  Instead advance to the next scissor mark on the coil and cut again.

*DO NOT make 90 degree turn

*DO NOT fold Rope light back onto itself.

Please DO NOT USE masking tape, electrical tape, gluing, painting, Nailing, or stapling.

Note: Lights should not be fully recessed into grove. If buried to deep, it will overheat and fail.

How to splice and repair sections of rope light

     With the power off, locate the cut marks on the rope light at each end of the section to be replaced. Use a straight edge cutting tool like PVC pipe cutters or a single blade pruning shear to cut the rope light at the cut marks and remove the defective section. Slide the heat shrink tubing over the rope light and install the splice pins and rejoin the repair section. Center the heat shrink over the splice and use a heat gun or hair dryer to shrink the tubing into place. Be careful not to melt the rope light during this process but the heat shrink tubing does need to be very tight on the rope light.

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