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LED Christmas Lights

All American Christmas Co. is proud to offer one of the largest variety of LED Christmas lights online. LED light strings offer incredible power savings and bulb life that will light your home, business, or events for years to come. Most LED strings and bulbs feature a bulb life of around 50,000 hours approximately, compare that to incandescent light strings which are usually 2,500 hours! LED Christmas lights feature molded plastic bulbs that don't break or come loose and though an investment up front, the jump to LED will save you time, money and effort in the long run.

Below you'll find the wide array of LED Christmas lights we carry that will fit any application. Our screw in LED Christmas bulbs are perfect for retro fitting your existing candelabra or intermediate base socketed wire. Our LED Patio lights are a great way to get that rustic look without all the incandescent headaches, G40 and G50 bulbs with various base sizes will light up any holiday or event. All American Christmas Co. offers all the best LED light strings to fit any decorating need, including "Strawberry" C6, C7, C9, Wide Angle 5mm, M5 light strings. Apart from basic strings we carry LED icicle lights, LED net lights, battery sets, spheres, and more. So browse the page below to see all the great styles of bulbs and strings we carry and if you have any questions feel free to contact us!

Featured LED Christmas Light Bulbs

C6 LED Strings

Strawberry C6 Light Strings

C7 LED Strings

C7 LED light strings

C7 LED Bulbs
C7 LED Bulbs

Retrofit sockted C7 wire with LED bulbs

C9 LED Strings

C9 LED light string sets

C9 LED Light Strings
C9 LED Bulbs

C9 screw in LED bulbs

Wide Angle 5mm LED Sets
Wide Angle LED Sets

Wide Angle 5mm LED strings

M5 LED Mini Lights
M5 LED Mini Sets

LED Mini light strings

LED Patio Lights
LED Patio Lights

Light any space and cut electricity costs.

Battery Powered LED Lights
Battery Lights

Battery powered light strings

LED Craft Lights
LED Craft Lights

Light wine bottles and more

LED Icicle Lights
LED Icicle Lights

Light entire rooflines with ease

LED Net Lights
LED Net Lights

Wide angle and M5 style LED nets

LED Starlight Spheres
LED Starlight Spheres

Various sizes of LED spheres

LED Specialty Lights
Specialty LED Lights

Sugar coats lights and more

Commercial LED Lights
Commercial LED Lights

LED sets that screw securely together