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All American Christmas Co. Learning Center

LED Christmas Lights      Welcome to the All American Christmas Co. Learning Center, this section of is going to be devoted to giving a extended description for most major Christmas Lights and other lighting products. On the left you will find the navigation section which will break down different products into easy to digest information pages. Need to understand how to calculate the watts for C7 bulbs? Click the C7 and C9 page. Why are LED Christmas Lights so much better? Click that page and learn what the advantages are. We hope to continually expand this section with information on most all the products we carry.

    Below the Product info links you'll find a Tips and Tricks section for installation. From how to wire up your own light strings to hanging lights to how to repair Christmas light strings, we hope to give you a go to guide for all things Christmas lights. This section will also give you ideas and "shopping lists" for how to get a certain effect wether for lighting your home for the holidays, decorating for a wedding, or just lighting up a party.

We are currently working on expanding all of our information pages! So bookmark this page or contact us to give us ideas for how we can expand this section.