Christmas Light Spools Information

Christmas light spool       It doesn't matter if you're the hobbyist decorating your own home, a commercial light installer or a event lighting company at some point or another if you're doing a large scale lighting project you will need to learn about when and how to use a spool of socketed christmas light line. There are 3 types of christmas light strings in our book, the premade set, the stringer, and the spool. The Premade christmas light string has C7 or C9 type bulbs and usually comes packed in trays, these have smaller gauge wire and good for a quick install but aren't as durable as other christmas strings offered

      A Christmas light stringer is a heavy duty light string that does not include bulbs, a "stringer" is typically a 18 gauge SPT-1 Wire and normally comes in 25', 50', or 100' lengths with a 12" bulb space. These are great for more smaller applications were custom cuts or bulb spacing aren't necessary. Christmas stringers can be cut if you need to shorten them for a decorating purpose. Bulbs are not included with stringers.

Christmas light spools are the best way to buy bulk lightline. Spool come in either 500 or 1000 foot rolls, in a variety of spacings. Spacing can vary from 6 inches between sockets up to 36 inches. When using large spools you can cut the roll anywhere you need it (so long are you working within the power rating of the wire) so you can make a string that's just a few feet or one that say 98 feet, this flexibility gives you more control over your decorating and lets you really cut down on buying strings you have to add to or cut from. Using a quick connect plug you can easily make a light string if just a few minutes once you know the footage you need. Bulbs are not included on spools.

Christmas Light Spools General Info:
  • Available in 500 or 1000 foot rolls
  • Wire Colors Available: Green, White, Black
  • Spacings Available: 6", 9", 12", 15", 18", 24", 36"
  • Available in Spt-1 or Spt-2 insulation
  • Please Note: Not all spacing/color combinations available