Christmas Light Strings Information

Christmas Light Stringer       Christmas light strings are the little brother to light spools. Strings, or Light Stringers as they often called in the industry, are premade runs of Christmas light line. Christmas stringers are usually a 18 gauge Spt-1 wire with sockets spaced 12 inches apart, they normally come in a 25, 50, or 100 foot variety. These types of socketed wire do not include bulbs or come pre lit, and are much higher quality wire than what you would find in those pre lit C7 or C9 light strings.

      What you need to look for in purchasing wire for C7 and C9 Christmas light is how long of a run of wire do you need? Do you need to be able to plug strings end to end? and of course what color do you need? You need to be aware of the fact that most all light stringers we carry can only handle a max of 7 amps, for C7 Bulbs thats 154 lights on a single run and 110 C9 bulbs. Single run means a string of lights from one power source, you cannot plug endless light strings together ala Clark Griswold or you will have bulb/wire/fuse failure. The main string to have end to end connectors are the 25 foot, they have a male plug then a female plug at the other end. Larger stringers don't often have those end to end connectors because they don't want customers to run the risk of plugging to many sets together. And finally stringers are most common in Green and White wire, but we do have C9 100 ft in a Black Wire.

C7 and C9 Christmas Light String info
  • String Length: 25, 50, and 100 foot
  • Wire color: Green, White, and sometimes Black
  • C7 or C9 base
  • SPT-1 Insulation Rating
  • 18 Gauge Wire