Craft Lights Information Page

Craft Lights      What are craft lights? Well in a nut shell craft lights are small strings of mini christmas lights which are designed specifically to be used in projects where a small number of lights are needed. Craft christmas lights come in 10 ct (i.e. count), 15 ct, 20 ct, or 35 ct sets, on Green, White and sometimes Brown wire. Most of these small craft strings come in all your basic christmas light colors so you can find a color to match your color scheme. The biggest feature that sets these light strings apart from other common strings is that craft lights are craft lights because they only have one plug, the set begins with a male stackable plug that and ends with a bulb instead of a female plug like most standard mini light strings. This means if you have to put these lights into a Glass Block or Wine Bottle the hole you have to drill will be considerably smaller.

     While most craft christmas light strings look just like you're average run of the mill string set there are some differences that you need to be aware of. Since these sets have a smaller number of bulbs, each individual bulb voltage goes up, this is done to keep the sets looking bright. 35 light count sets feature 3.5 volt bulbs, 20 count sets have 6 volt bulbs, 15 count strings are 8 volt bulbs, and 10 count craft lights have 12 volt bulbs. What does this mean? Well not a whole lot unless you're trying to mix and match bulbs or repair a string, standard mini lights are 2.5 volt bulbs, and bulb voltages are interchangeable, if you are swapping or replacing bulbs you HAVE to match this bulb voltage.

Craft Light Info:
  • No End to End Plug
  • 10, 15, 20, and 35 count light strings
  • Most common bulb colors available
  • Green and White wire, sometime specialty colors available
  • 2,500 hours bulb life
  • Buy individually or in cases.

Other Craft Lights Styles

LED Craft Lights      LED Craft lights are fairly new light string for lighting craft products. Our LED Craft lights are made with the same quality that our other LED Christmas lights are, they feature 25 Warm White LEDs per string on either White or Green wire and only have one plug. LED sets are a great alternative, they don't generate any heat and have a extremely long bulb life (50,000 hours), and don't have removable bulbs so when you are decorating you don't have to worry about a bulb coming loose.

Battery LED Craft Lights      We also carry some other styles of lights that would be good for lighting wine bottles or lighting up glass blocks. The item in the picture to the right is called a Ultra Thin LED, these are super small LED bulbs on a rigid wire that will hold itself in the shape you twist it. These are great and easy to hide and run off batteries, great for parties, proms, or other cool craft lighting ideas.

Floyalytes     Floralytes are another great style of LED lights that are great for not only crafts but perfect for wedding center pieces and other small scale lighting projects. We have Floralyte II which have a on off switch and Submersible Floralytes which work underwater. Both of these give you even more flexibility for decorating and since both sets have on/off switches you are able to save battery life and for the submersible sets you can even replace the batteries!