Globe Lights Information Page

Globe Lights      Globe lights are some of the coolest light bulbs available. These lights come in a variety of diameters and their size has a descriptive name, G30 bulbs are 1 1/4", G40 bulbs are 1 1/2" and G50 bulbs are 2" in diameter. These types of bulbs can be found all year around for event lights, patio lights, wedding lights, or lighting at restaurants so they aren't just for use during the holidays. Globe lights come in Candelabra (E12), Intermediate (E17) or Medium (E20) Base sizes, the base size is only for the part of the bulb that screws into the socket the sizes of Globe bulbs don't change so a G50 on Candelabra base is the same size as one for Intermediate base. Their wattage is varying depending on the base but they range from 5 to 25 watts.

Patio Lights      Of all the Christmas lighting products we sell Globe lights are the most popular type of bulb for non christmas holidays. Many individuals and event lighting companies use round bulbs for special events, weddings, proms and more. They are perfect for hanging inside a tent, running them from a center pole to the outside edge of the tent for a great effect, or you can run them from side to side for a great look. People often call these Patio lights because they are used at restaurants and private patios to great effect, hanging them back and forth is great for a outdoor space where you don't need a ton of light, these round bulbs give you a european feel, comfortable amtosphere and look without breaking the bank.

Globe Light Bulb info:
  • G30, 1 1/8" Size Round bulb
  • G40, 1 1/2" Size Round bulb
  • G50, 2" Size Round bulb
  • Available in Candelabra, Intermediate, Medium Base

Molded Light String We also carry the large molded and heavy duty sockets that give you the classic look that you can't get with any other light string.
Globe Light Sizes