LED Christmas Lights Info Page

LED Bulb      LED Christmas lights are the newest and most high tech type of Christmas light available on the market. LED stands for Light Emitting Diode and is what the name suggests, a diode that emits light when electricity is sent through it. LEDs produce a intense light, with vibrant colors that won't fade and have an amazing bulb life with some manufacturers rating sets up to 100,000 hours. 100,000 hours would be more than 8 years of constant use, and honestly to think you'd get that type of life out these lights may be a little far fetched because other things break down and the LED's them self are only part of the equation when looking at the products potential life span. Most LED Christmas lights feature molded in bulbs so bulbs cannot be replaced but they rarely fail and if one bulb does happen to go out the rest of the string will stay lit.

LED Christmas Lights      LED Christmas lights come in a variety of styles from the traditional to the modern. Below are pictures breaking down the different bulb styles that are available on LED light strings. Most LED bulbs on Christmas light strings are made to replicate the look of traditional light bulbs used at the holidays, but most Christmas LED Lights have a faceted diamond pattern to help diffuse the light. You're average string of 50 LED lights around 3.5 watts of power, compare that to 50 Incandescent Mini Lights which pulls 20 watts.

C7 LED Lights C6, C7, And C9 Style LEDs - These sets try to replicate the look of classic Christmas bulbs, C6 is a smaller light often called a Strawberry light, C7 is the classic candelabra base size bulb, and C9 is the larger traditional style bulb. Switching to LED for these type of lights is a great way to save electricity and it's much easier to decorate with LED because of the connectivity.
M5 LED Lights M5 Mini Light Style LEDs - M5 LED sets are the modern interpretation of Mini lights. M5 are basically the same size as a traditional glass mini light and some LED sets are even being made to replicate the look of those glass bulbs, ours are called T5 and look awesome. Most LED Icicle lights and LED Net lights are made with M5 lights.
5mm Wide Angle LED Lights 5mm Wide Angle Style LEDs - Hands down our favorite LED Christmas Bulb. 5mm Wide Angle bulbs are sometimes called Concave bulbs (because how the tope of the bulb is concave in shape) these type of bulbs have the largest viewing angle of any LED we've encountered. They are small but very bright and perfect for anywhere you would use a mini light.
Round LED Lights Round Light Style LEDs - There are a few styles of Round LED bulbs, most are small G12 size which are around the size of a US dime and often called Razzberry lights. G25 are larger (size of a US quarter) and mainly available on commercial LEDs only. Round lights are great in garland, wreaths, and christmas trees to simulate the look of berries.

This is just a overview of some of the styles available, to see all the Christmas LED lights available head to our LED lights page.

LED Christmas Light Facts:
  • Colors don't fade
  • Bulbs won't break or shatter
  • Use up to 80% less electricity
  • Up to 50,000 hours of burn time
  • Can connect over 15 sets end to end