Mini Light Information Page

Mini Lights      Mini Christmas lights, the small bulbs that adorn houses during the holiday season and could be called the quintessential modern christmas light. Mini lights are also known as Italian lights, Twinkle lights (regardless of if they twinkle or not), Christmas tree lights, and a variety of other names. They feature a small glass filament style light bulb, held by a bulb holder in a socket, there is a wide selection of bulb spacings from 2.5 inches apart up to 6 inches and are found on mainly green or white wire but brown, black, and other misc color wire is also available. Mini lights are the main type of bulb used for lighting Christmas trees, in icicle light strings, wrapping inside garland or wreaths, or just simple holiday decorating. With their small size and decent connectivity and string length these miniature Christmas lights are perfect for most decorating project where small lights are needed. These types of lights have found favor in more than just homes on the holidays, they are popular for proms and weddings as back drops or for creating a starry sky effect in the ceiling, they also are great for crafters turning strings that would be normally seen during the winter into a year around product (refer to the Craft Lights page for info on those type of mini lights)

Mini Lights Colors:

Clear, Red, Blue, Green, Amber, Yellow, Pink, Purple, Teal, Multi-Colored

Multi Colored Mini Lights      We here at All American Christmas Co. have been selling mini lights online for over 15 years and carry a large variety of the various makes. Your most basic and common set are usually a 50 count or 100 count (referring the number of bulbs on the wire) string with an approximate 4 inch space. You'll see that term a lot on our website, approximate, spacings are almost NEVER exact some strings are cut so that when the wire is inserted into the socket some of the bulb space distance is lost, some are made where there is enough distance so that you get more exact bulbs space. These lights have a small fused plug that protects the sets from overloading, this also limits the total number of sets you can plug end to end so the wire and bulbs won't fail.

Common Mini Light Specs

  • Bulb counts - 50, and 100
  • Bulb spacing - 2.5", 3" - 4", 6"
  • Wire Gauge - 22 AWG
  • Bulb Voltage - 2.5 volts
  • Bulb Watts - .4 watts
  • Plug End to End
  • Fused Stackable Plug