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Christmas Light Clips

Christmas Light Clips

        Since we launched we've understood the importance of having clips for your installation jobs, regardless of if you're lighting your home or on the roof of a commercial building there is a clip to make your life easier. Our all in one & multipurpose clips are used to hold a variety of light strings and bulb types on gutters, under shingles, and more. While many of our other clips hold multiple styles of light strings we carry a selection of installation specific or product specific clips. Our LED light clips, Icicle light clips, mini light adhesive clips & more are designed for a their related family of lights. Our tile clips, gutter hooks, roof clips, single tabs and light stakes allow you to install lights just about anywhere!

For creating or repairing light displays our sculpture clips are a great option and come in a variety of sizes and colors. All American Christmas Co. also carried a selection of black out and color caps to hide or change the color of bulbs without having to physically swap out bulb. Just check out the categories below to see all the great Christmas light clips we offer, many of which are made right in the USA!

All in One Clip All in One & Multipurpose Clips
These clips hold C7, C9, LED, Mini lights and more on a variety of surfaces and on gutters. All in one, All Application, and more styles.
Omni ClipsOmni, Tile, & LED Light Clips
Omni holds C7, C9, LED, Icicle lights and more. LED clips fit LED Bulb sockets and Tile clips hold lights on tile roofs with ease.
Icicle Light Clips Icicle Light Clips
& Gutter Hooks

Icicle clips easily hold lights under shingles or on gutters, Gutter hooks clip to gutters for hanging any light string!
C ClipsC-Clips & Roof Adhesive Clips
C Clips for both C7 and C9 Incandescent and LED bulbs. New L Clips hold almost any style of light socket securly to your roofline for home or business.
Shingle Tabs Shingle Tabs
Our Original and Shingle Speed Tabs hold C7, C9, and LED Bulbs easily under roof shingles. Check our flat roof & parapet clips to hold shingles on other roof styles.
Parapet Clips Mini Light Adhesive Clips
Mini light adhesive clips hold mini light strings along windows, doors, and more. Check out our USA Adhesive clips!
Magnetic Christmas Light Clip Magnetic C7 & C9
Christmas Light Clips

Holds C7 & C9 bulbs to any magnetic metal surface! Holds bulbs at 90 or 45 degrees for a variety of decorating applications.
christmas light stakes Christmas Light Ground Stakes
Christmas light stakes hold C7, C9, LED bulbs and more along walkways and paths. Great for holidays and events like weddings for guiding guests.
Mini Light Sculpture Clips Mini Light Sculpture Clips
Sculpture clips hold Mini light sockets on to round frames for light displays and other decorations. Black and White clips available.
Quick Christmas Light Clip Quick Clips & Siding Hooks
Quick Clips for holding wire or light strings on flat surfaces. Siding clips slide under siding to hold wire quickly and easily.
Christmas tree clips Christmas Tree Clips & Hangers
Christmas Tree clips twist to attach wire to branches of live or artificial trees, and USA made wreath & ornament hangers!
Mini Light Sculpture Clips C7 Sculpture Clips
C7 Sculpture clips holds C7 Sockets to wire frames, great for custom light diplays, repairs, and restorations.
Rope Light Clips Rope Light Clips
Quickly mounts rope light and allows for precise decorating! Clips snap together.
Brick and Surface clips Surface Clips & Brick Klips
Surface clips hold C7 or C9 to a flat surface, Brick Klips clip to a brick wall to hold wire, wreaths, and garland.
Roof Ridge Row Clips Ridge Row Clips
Decorate your roofs ridge line with these special designed clips. Easily holds C7, C9, or LED lights.
light hanging tool Light Hanging Tool
Easily decorate tree limbs and other high places without a latter. Great for hanging lights in trees and other high places.
Suction Cup Clips Suction Cup Clips
Suction cups with hooks or mini light clips that will allow you hang lights from most smooth surfaces.
Black out caps Black Out Caps &
Color Changing Caps

Black out unneeded Mini lights or change the color of Mini lights with these light caps. Great for in between windows or going to power sources.

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