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Christmas Light Plugs and Sockets

Christmas Light Sockets & Plugs

        All American Christmas Co. carries a wide selection of electrical supplies to create or repair a variety of light strings. Our 18 gauge wire can be used to create custom C7 or C9 light strings or displays as well as custom extension cords for powering decorations without a large orange extension cord. We carry a variety of slide on back Quick connect plugs to fit on our wire as well. Sometimes called vampire plugs these plugs are used for repairing or making custom light strings, extension cords or light curtains. We offer C7 and C9 light sockets so you can repair or make custom spaced strings, theses christmas light sockets feature a snap on back so installation is a breeze.

Apart from loose parts we also carry a handful of Christmas light testers which are a necessity if you use lights year after year. Normally designed to test mini Christmas lights, our light testers range from simple pen/continuity testers to commercial grade repair box that cause sockets to buzz so you can find bad bulbs in no time flat! Browse the items below to find everything you need to make any lighting project a reality, if you have any questions about what type of products you may need for a certain job just email us and we'll be glad to help you find just what you need.

Electrical Supplies, Testers, and Accessories

18 gauge wire 18 Gauge Wire
Section of wire without plugs or sockets. This Lamp cord is great for custom cords or repairs. Green, White, Black & Brown wire colors.

SPT-1 Wire | SPT-2 Wire
C7 and C9 Light Sockets Replacement Sockets
C7 and C9 Christmas light replacement sockets, fix or custom make a light string. Green & White socket colors.

C7 Sockets | C9 Sockets
Quick Connect Christmas Plugs Quick Connect Plugs
Slide on back Plugs install in seconds with no tools! Perfect for making or repairing old strings. Inline Plugs available.

SPT-1 Wire | SPT-2 Wire
Christmas Light Tester Mini Light Repair & Testers
Repair your Mini lights! Easy to use and lets you save old light strings. Testers & Commercial Repair boxes.
Electrical Tape Electrical Tape
Tape for making custom light strings or repairing Christmas displays. High quality tape in Green, Black, & White colors.
Custom Christmas light plugs How to Make Custom Plugs
How to customize our plugs to put anywhere on 18 gauge wire, make custom light curtains.

Spt1 Vs Spt2

Spt-1 Vs Spt-2 Wire Insulation

         Spt-1 and Spt-2 in a nutshell is the insulation rating of the wire, the wire gauge itself does not change (being the center core of copper). The advantage of having different insulation ratings is that a thicker piece of insulation will let you run more lights continuously. Spt-1 18 gauge wire can handle 7 amps (770 watts) and Spt-2 18 gauge wire can handle 10 amps (1100 watts). Adding another 3 amps to a run of lights can net you many more lights, for example if you were using standard C7 incandescent bulbs you could run 154 bulbs on Spt1 wire, whereas on Spt2 you could run 220 bulbs so 66 more bulbs on a single run!

Other advantages are that thicker insulation is tougher and could net you a few more years of use, UV is hard on insulation and cause it to crack and deteriorate, but using a thicker insulated wire helps give you as much use out of a wire as possible. Now you may think, "why doesn't everyone just use SPT-2?" well for products like LED bulbs or sets that use little power you may not need the extra amperage, and there is a higher up front cost.

Just remember to always match wire, plugs, and sockets to ensure that all your products will fit and work together properly.

Click here for Clips and other Mounting Hardware.

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