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Globe lights

Patio & Globe Lights

Globe lights are a classic, round bulb that fit into any Winter Wonderland! Known as patio lights, bistro lights, or round bulb lights, they are versatile enough to where you can use them throughout the year. In fact, globe lights compliment any party, wedding, or even prom or ball. Globe Christmas lights normally use the same wire as C7 and C9 bulbs.

We carry a wide selection for globe lights in the most popular sizes: G30, G40, and G50. LED options also available.

View Globe Lights

Globe Lights C7 Globe Lights

Candelabra E-12 Base
Sizes: G8, G30, G40, G50

Globe Christmas LightsC9 Globe Lights

Intermediate E-17 Base
Sizes: G30, G40, G50

Medium base Globe BulbsMedium Base Globe Lights

Medium E-26 Base Large G50 Bulbs

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View Boxes of 25

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View Cases

A19 Patio Lights A19 Sign Bulb

Medium E-26 Base
Perfect for Lighting Patios or signs

Patio LightsS14 Patio Lights

Medium E-26 Base

View A19 Bulbs View S14 Bulbs

Globe Led Bulbs C7 G40 LED Globe bulbs

Candelabra Base LED Globe lights

Globe Led Bulbs C7 G50 LED Globe bulbs

Candelabra Base LED Globe lights

Globe Led Bulbs C9 G50 LED Globe bulbs

Intermediate Base LED Globe lights

View LED C7 G40 lights View LED C7 G50 lights View LED C9 G50 lights
Globe Lights do not come with socketed wire, please browse our wire below.

Light line and strings for Globe Bulbs

Globe LightsChristmas Light Strings

Industry Standard for lightline, huge variety of bulb spacings. Available in Green, White, & Black wire.

Globe LightsCommercial Molded

Heavy duty molded sockets great for patios, restaurants, and event lighting

Globe LightsCeramic Pin

Tough wire that's made to last, great for long term outdoor applications

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Here is a comparison of the various Sizes of Globe Christmas Lights.
Globe Lights Size Comparison
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General Info About Globe Bulbs:

There are 3 main bulb sizes, G30, G40, and G50 lights, the image to the left shows a comparison of their sizes. G8 is also available in C7 base and it's very small but great for certain applications.

The most common types of bulb are G40 or G50 Globe bulbs. These larger sizes are what most people envision when they think of Globe light bulbs. The patio lights people see in restaurants are often of the G40 or G50 variety. As with any incandescent light, you need to calculate your power requirements before making a purchase, to ensure you get exactly what you need for your application.

LED Globe bulbs are available on both C7 and C9 bases. These bulbs are hard plastic and last up to 50,000 hours! That makes them great for permanent applications and use 80% less power. Check out the LED globe lights for bulbs that never dim with colors that won't fade.

Video: Learn about Patio Lights

Learn about the differences in Patio Lights and their Light Strings.


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