CLE-C7-23' Pre-Lit Giant Everest Fir Tree

CLE-C7-23' Pre-Lit Giant Everest Fir Tree
23' Giant Everest Fir Tree - 23' Full Tree - Light Green Needles - 28972 Tips - 13.5' Base Width - 1632 C7 5 Watt Bulbs - Total Wattage:8,160 - Total Amperage:68 - For Indoor/Outdoor Use - 19065/19066

Attractive, Natural Appearance - branches are hung at an angle from a sturdy conical frame giving the Everest a full and natural appearance not found with flat panel trees.

Flexibility - This tree can grow to meet your needs year after year! It's expandable by adding (or removing) 3 foot sections to achieve the desired height.

Convenient Setup - Trees are pre-wired with high quality Eagle Electric components.Simply attach the branches to the frame and plug the lights into a nearby socket.

Convenient Storage - The frames stacking rings nest inside one another so that storage space is minimized.