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3 Track Christmas Light Smart Chaser

 3 Track Christmas Light Smart Chaser
 3 Track Christmas Light Smart Chaser
 3 Track Christmas Light Smart Chaser
 3 Track Christmas Light Smart Chaser
3 Track Smart Chaser Controller - 3 Channel Controller - 10 amps per channel
Made in the USA!

Smart Controller has dip switches inside that can be set to choose the type of chasing pattern that controller does. Speed controls set the speed of the selected pattern

How to Set Your Chase Pattern

To set your chase pattern, simply adjust the 4 sliders on the dip switch to an up-on-1 position or a down-off-0 position. To locate the dip switch, open the front cover of the box. The dip switch has 4 sliders located in the bottom right corner inside the box. Anytime that you change the sequence you MUST unplug the controller box and then plug it back in with the new sequence code for the change to take effect. The following is a description of the chase patterns available. Each chase pattern can be selected to run on a 2 track chase or a 3 track chase mode.
  1. Chase: Sequentially turns 1 track on and 2 tracks off from 1/10th to 2 seconds per step
  2. Wave: Turns lights on and off in a back and forth movement from 1/10th to 2 seconds per step
  3. Slow Chase: Chase pattern with speed range up to 6 seconds per step
  4. Slow Wave: Wave pattern with speed range up to 6 seconds per step
  5. Chase with Delay: Chase with a 3 times longer delay on step 1
  6. Wave with Delays: Wave with a 3 times longer delay on steps 1 and 3
  7. Negative Chase: Reverse of the chase pattern; sequentially turns 2 tracks on and 1 track off
  8. Build Up: Sequentially turns each track on, keeping it on until all tracks are on, then turns all tracks off together
  9. Speller: Build up that ends with all tracks flashing on and off together 3 times
  10. Multi-Sequence: A 20 second loop combining 7 different 3 second long chase patterns
Use the sequence label to the left to select the chase sequence you would like to run. When looking at the code setting, 1 represents up/on and 0 represents down/off. Be sure to select not only the pattern you want, but also the right pattern with the right number of tracks, 2 track mode or 3 track mode. Remember to un-plug and re-plug-in the controller box whenever you change the sequence. This Sequence Label is also printed on the top of the controller box.

Example: To select Sequence #1, the 2 Track Chase abbreviated 2TC with the setting 1000, use the dip switch inside your controller box and adjust the sliders going from left to right. Move the first slide into an upward position as indicated by the 1 and leave the rest of the slides (the last 3) in a downward position as indicated by the last three0s in the code setting. This will program the lights to move in a 2 track chase sequence.

Maximum Load

The maximum load for the 3TSC-10 is 10 amps. To see the maximum loads per receptacle, refer to the last column of the above Sequence Label, also located on top of the control box. The sequence label lists the Max Amps per Receptacle for each possible chase sequence that the controller can execute. The maximum amps per receptacle can vary depending on the sequence you choose because different sequences have different maximum numbers of receptacles that are turned on at any one time.

To calculate the number of bulbs that may be turned on per amp (amperage load) for any given receptacle, see the chart on the next page.