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4 Circuit Christmas Display Controller - 6 Amp

4 Circuit Christmas Display Controller - 6 Amp
4 Circuit Display Controller - Adjustable Speed - 6 Amps per channel - Metal Enclosure
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Our Preset Circuit Controllers are just the answer for the decorator that needs a fixed number of circuits or steps in their display. These controllers come in a 2 Circuit , 3 Circuit or 4 Circuit models. These controllers are equipped with a multiple outlet receptacle. These controllers are able to control 6 Amps per circuit or step. Installation Tips:
  1. If you use this controller outdoors please protect it by placing a plastic container over the controller like a roof to keep it out of direct weather. Mount the container like a lid and a controller to a stake to keep the controller and the plugs off the ground.
  2. Do not keep controller in a air tight container. This could cause the controller to overheat. So make sure there is adequate ventilation.
  3. Pre test the lights that you are wanting to control. Make sure there is no shorts or broken bulbs before you plug these to the controller.
Animated Example: 4 Circuit