Clip Light Roll - 24 volt Clip lights | All American Christmas Co


Clip Lights 6 inch Spacing - 660 bulbs - 330 foot Roll - 24 volt Clear Lights on Green wire

Clip lights on 6 " Spacing. 660 lights per roll. Clear lights on a green wire. 330 Feet Long.

Great for outlining trees and buildings. Clip Lights can easily be adjusted to create various spacing between the individual bulbs. This helps to accommodate projects that may requires adjusting the spacing or length of lead and tail wires. The transformer size are rated for carrying 1 bulb per watt of the 24 Volt lights (EX. 750 watt Transformer will carry 750 bulbs). Lights are easily replaced and there are 4 different color cover caps to choose from.

Amperage Calculation for Low Voltage Lights:

One of the first things that you need to do when starting a project, using lower voltage is converting the watts into the number of amp's you need. Most of our clip light products are 24V.

1.Take the number of watts ( each 24V light bulb is .96 watts so use 1 watt).
2.Example 1000 bulbs = 1000 watts.
3.Divide this by 24 (24 volts) = 41.66 AMP'S .

Also you do not want to overload the circuits much more than 80%. So keep this in mind when laying out your power.