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Light Keeper Pro

Light Keeper Pro
Light Keeper Pro
Light Keeper Pro
Light Keeper Pro Repair gun - Fix light strings, Check bulbs on the strings, Check loose bulbs and fuses. A must have for any home during the Christmas season. Click to see more for more information.

1). Quick Fix Piezo Trigger
For the first time this new patented technology brings you an easy-to-use system for repairing faulty bulbs. The Quick Fix Trigger sends an electrical pulse through a defective light set, repairing problems associated with defective shunts.

2). Continuity Detector/Voltage Detector
The Continuity Detector/Voltage Detector is a second means to repair miniature light sets and features sound and light feedback. When the LightKeeper Pro's Continuity Detector/Voltage Detector scans a defective light set, it will indicate where a power interruption occurs, helping you find the area needing repair.

3). Bulb and Fuse Tester
The Bulb Tester, built into the top of the LightKeeper Pro, offers a third way to repair your light sets. You can individually test miniature light bulbs. Working bulbs inserted into the tester will illuminate immediately, indicating they are functioning properly.

4). Bulb Puller/Remover
The LightKeeper Pro's unique, built-in Bulb Puller makes it easy to remove those stubborn hard to get out bulbs. Two different bulb pullers are designed into the LightKeeper Pro: a Conventional Puller and a Hook and Pull remover.

5). Storage Organizer
The built in storage compartment helps you organize and store the extra bulbs and fuses that come with most light sets. It has slots for 2.5 volt bulbs, 3.5 volt bulbs and fuses. Each are labeled to accomodate the free extra bulbs and fuses included with the LightKeeper Pro.

6). LED Light
Light in the tip helps illuminate in dark working areas.