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Wedding Lights

Wedding Lights

Did you know All American Christmas Co. offers more than just holiday lights? That's right, we can also help you set up for any party or wedding! In fact, you can very easily set a mood or add "just enough" lighting with Christmas lights. Browse our selections of products below for great ideas for lighting up your special day. We carry a wide variety of white wire mini lights, curtain lights, globe lights, battery-operated candles, and much more that are perfect for use as Wedding lights.

Using Christmas lighting for weddings has become more and more popular in recent years, and is more than just a trend. It's actually a great way to add a subtle elegance to the background of photos and ambiance for your guests. We also offer various other decorations such as Globe Lights, Luminara candles, and Walkway trees, which all add an extra touch of elegance to the big day.

Mini Lights for Weddings

White Wire Mini Lights 20 ct Mini Lights
Mini lights with 1 plug.
White Wire Wedding Lights 35 ct Mini Lights
Mini lights with 1 plug.
White Wire Christmas Lights 50 ct Mini Lights
White Wire Mini lights are great for use as wedding lights.
White Wire LED Lights
Plug over 15 sets end to end!
Short Lead - 24" Lead Wire
By the Set  |  By the Case

Long Lead - 36" Lead Wire
By the Set  |  By the Case

Short Lead - 24" Lead Wire
By the Set|By the Case

Long Lead - 36" Lead Wire
By the Set| By the Case

50 Light Sets White Wire LED Light Sets
LED Christmas lights on White Wire are great for Weddings.
Visit our mini light page for many more color and spacing options.

Wedding Lights

Battery Powered Lights Battery Powered Lights
Battery sets that are perfect for Wedding lights in spots with no power outlets.
Walkway Trees Walkway Trees
A great way to light up paths and guide guests! Can be reused for other events or holidays.
Curtain Lights
Great for hanging in a doorway, behind some fabric, on a wall, or where else you can think of! Really Popular style strings.
Battery Lights Walkway Trees Curtain Lights

Globe Lights Globe Lights
G30, G40, G50 Globe lights are great for hanging indoors and out, a Globe lights are a classic look at weddings.
Luminara LED Candles
LED candles with a animated realistic flame. Safe alternative to real candles.
Flicker Flame Lights Flicker Flame & Candles
Flicker flame bulbs and candles are safe and great looking for windows or table settings!
Globe lights Luminara Flameless Candles Flicker Flame Bulbs & Candles

Small Battery powered LED lights with On/Off Switch. Great for tables or in a bouquet for an awesome glow effect!
Submersible Floralyte
Battery Powered LED light that works underwater. Perfect for vases or inside fountains!
Rope Light
Rope light are great for Weddings, accent walkways, around tents, or hide behind objects for mood lighting.
View Floralytes View Submersible Floralytes View Rope Light

Wedding Lights
A catch all for Wedding lights, we will be adding more products to this category.
Light Spheres Starlight Sphere Lights
Perfect for hanging for a reception or rehearsal dinner. Great for outdoor events too!
Net Lights Net Lights
Great for hanging behind or placing underneath some shear fabric.
View Wedding Lights Starlight Spheres Net Lights

Curtain Lights for Weddings

Check out this picture a customer sent us of our curtain lights in action, she was very satisfied with how her Curtain lights and fabric combo turned out for the reception.
Wedding Curtain Lights


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